DIY: How to cure Hemorrhoids!

Hemorrhoid is a very painful disease affecting thousands of people all over the world. If you calculate the percentage of people affected from this disease, then the percentage lies within the 30 to 40% range and sometimes even more. The most common names of this disease include piles and is caused due to swelling of rectum veins. This disease is not age dependent and can affect the old aged person, the younger ones, or any middle aged person. Most of the patients generally suffer from normal hemorrhoids that don’t require the medical treatment, but when it grows larger than its normal size, then proper treatment becomes essential. Bleeding, itching, inflammations in the anus are the symptoms of this disease. If proper treatment is not done, then it may lead to serious problems.

Hemorrhoids are generally of two types, depending upon the symptoms – one is external and the other one is internal. Hemorrhoids that appear outside the anus are known as external hemorrhoids, while those that appear outside the rectum are known as internal hemorrhoids. However, external hemorrhoids are easier to identify, whereas it is difficult to identify the internal hemorrhoids. There are various methods for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Some of them are injection therapy, surgery, soldering, using drugs and ointments.

Among all of these, the best treatment may be the use of ointments, because this is a painless procedure and a permanent treatment. The ointment treatment is generally used for the external hemorrhoids, but sometimes it is also used for internal hemorrhoids cure too. Amongst the various ointments, it is committed that the best ointments are those that can provide quick and permanent relief. Some of these creams are petroleum jelly, glycerin, cocoa butter, benzocaine, pramoxine, benzyl alcohol, dibucaine, dyclonine etc.

Sometimes, the various creams available in the market do not work properly because of which, the patients suffer a lot. Therefore, it is very important for the patients to know how to choose the proper ointment from the market according to their disease. For this reason, one should study the ingredients used in the medicine carefully, before purchasing it and should also study the information panel usually at the backside of the medicine package. If some body wants to purchase the best ointments from the various options, then internet can help a great deal!


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